Bus stop

In an early summer morning, one girl can be seen running through a congested sidewalk. Her loose hair sways in accordance to the rhythm of her every stride, letting the crisp and dry breeze of the summer soak it in every strand. With a tote bag on one hand, she tries to part the stagnant crowd to let her through which in return, results to a man shouting at her when she unintentionally steps on its foot. Another one is when she intentionally bumps a group of idle teenagers chatting on the side resulting to curses she receives like there’s no tomorrow.

Despite the dilemma of the crowded sidewalk, she continues to run until she reaches a long line of people waiting at a bus stop. Looking through the long disheveled line and scattered people, she stops for a minute and think if giving enough time to wait here would do her good. After a minute of silent self debate, she finally fix her thoughts as well as her bag. Though the next stop would be half a hundred meters again from where she’s standing, running again would not hurt as long as she can hurriedly rides a bus.


Pale and nameless

In a corner of a void and empty darkness


Sat a young girl, pale and nameless

Her eyes, dull and withered

Her lips, tight and parched


Surrounded by deep surreal madness

She screamed and wept so slow

So silent, so low


Dull tears fell, yet mute and senseless

Inaudible to the void

That catered her messed up world


She lay dead, motionless

Unable to move, unable to bargain

In pain and utterly broken


Woman of the Sun

She’s my warrior

My savior

A best friend above all

And a light to my feet

since I was small

A gentle goddess,

Contrary to that earthly beauty

she posses

A sole divine for me

And for others to see

A hero in a sense

only I could ponder

The world’s greatest listener

having I again to wonder

How can such one great woman

could cherish

and shower me with all this love?

Such weird thing

that only I could do is to nod


Knowing that the only thing I could give

for her to receive

Is to thank her a million times

For showering me with love

while in her hold

Thanking her for giving me

the best and giving me the world

Happy Birthday, mom

May this day be one of the best for you

and i’m hoping for more to come

The woman who was born

when flowers are in full bloom

When the sun was high up in the sky

giving off a boom

The woman of the sun.

None other than, my mom.