Save the boy

The first time

I lay my eyes on him

I already know

there’s somewhat a scheme


Drawn on his face

On his eyes

that hold certain mysteries,

certain lies


Drawn on his lips

that pursed silent,

tight and cold

For every memory,

every pain he dearly holds


I wanted to ask

To know

to understand his past

To know something

behind that silent shadow he casts


From being intrigued,


I was now drawn,


I wanted

to know more

I wanted him to know


I am just here

to offer my hand


To help him understand

I am just here

silently waiting

For him to spread even one wing


But while busy asking

For him to leap up and soar

To overcome that written agony

in an instant blur

To learn to swim,

out of that despair

towards that vivid melancholy


I didn’t know

I was slowly killing him

Choking him,

making him immobile in a whim


I didn’t realize

What I offered,

is nothing but damnation

Instead of salvation,

I was leading him

to his own destruction


So I just patiently wait

For him to re-write his fate

In a cold hard ground,

I wait

Keeping my hopes

that it is not too late


So I just silently pray

Looking at the lost boy lying

Looking at his past

that cruely holds him

The present,

that refuses him to dream


In front of me is a boy,

left and pulverized by time


and eventually defeated by the same chime


Of a young love so poisonous,

so vain

so vague out of the blue

So much that he can no longer recognize

the boy he was made into