I will go to you like the first snow

Before I held you, I didn’t know
That the world I was in
Was this bright

I reached you with a small breath of life
It’s a love that called out to me fearlessly

I liked it so much
Watching over you, my heart fluttering
Even when I was ridiculously jealous
All of those ordinary moments

In the dark eternity
In that long wait
Like sunshine, you fell down to me

Before I let go of you, I didn’t know
That the world I am in
Was this lonely

Pretty flowers bloomed and withered here
The season of you will never come again

I started to become greedy
I wanted to live with you, grow old with you
Hold your wrinkled hands
And say how warm my life was

It was just one blessing
After that short encounter
You cried like the rain

I wanted to be happy for once
But that made you cry

Forget everything and move on
Because I will go to you
When your breath calls out to me again

I won’t ever forget
Watching over you, my heart fluttering
Even when I was ridiculously jealous
All of those moments that you gave to me

Some day, we’ll meet again
It’ll be the happiest day
I will go to you like the first snow

I will go to you



Well done again, My friend

Do all the people  already know

the answers that I don’t?

Why do the seams

always all come undone at once?


Some days are harder than others

and mama said, “boys don’t cry”

So I look up

to a blurry image of the sky


Dad said, “for there to be light, there must be dark”

It’s just how the world

keeps turning around and round the lights

Now gone


Well done again my friend

Even if no one

can tell  you how lucky you’ve been

I need you to know

Well done again my friend


Original version: Okdal

Rewritten by: Day6

A little love song

Suddenly, you started to sing
Suddenly, you kissed me
There’re so many
“I’m sorry.”
I should to tell you

I’m afraid of losing you
Till I always tell you bunch of lies
But, only in front of you
I want to be myself

Even though my existence
will bring down a shadow
to your light
But your existence
will continue to shine down
upon someone in your life
Even I’m here
Even I’m not here
You’ll always sparkling here

It would be better, if we could
laugh and cry together more than we did
Even though it’s already late
I came to realize these honest feelings

I always think about you
I always search for you, everywhere I go
I want to hear, those gentle voices of yours
Right now, here

Your smile
has took me out
from the darkness
But the silhouette of my side face
had clouded your shiny smile
Even you’re here
Even you’re not here
I couldn’t stay here anymore

Let’s just continue to pursue
those dreams you hold on your palms
I believe,
you can overcome it all alone
Even though now,
reality binds you
till it made you hard to breath
Just believe,
that dawn will break

I hope this song of mine,
will slowly push your back
to move on forward
This is me, who couldn’t convey
all my feelings to you

Your smile has took me out
from the darkness
One day, I hope my smile
and your smile will be synchronized
I felt really grateful
from the bottom of my heart
that I’ve found a miracle
by our rendezvous

One day, will this song reach you?
This tiny love song of mine


-Riko Koeda and Aki Osugawara

The Liar and His Lover

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru (2013)

Bus stop

In an early summer morning, one girl can be seen running through a congested sidewalk. Her loose hair sways in accordance to the rhythm of her every stride, letting the crisp and dry breeze of the summer soak it in every strand. With a tote bag on one hand, she tries to part the stagnant crowd to let her through which in return, results to a man shouting at her when she unintentionally steps on its foot. Another one is when she intentionally bumps a group of idle teenagers chatting on the side resulting to curses she receives like there’s no tomorrow.

Despite the dilemma of the crowded sidewalk, she continues to run until she reaches a long line of people waiting at a bus stop. Looking through the long disheveled line and scattered people, she stops for a minute and think if giving enough time to wait here would do her good. After a minute of silent self debate, she finally fix her thoughts as well as her bag. Though the next stop would be half a hundred meters again from where she’s standing, running again would not hurt as long as she can hurriedly rides a bus.