The Writer

“Books fall open, you fall in”

-David T.W. McCord

To travel the world, they say one must read a book. Throughout the long journey, words that are sharp as a blade will be your armor and shield. Those that are soft and vivid will be your comfort and shelter; guiding you in your own mischief and adventure. While those that scares and haunts you down will be your companion…forever.

I admit, i’m not really a good reader nor writer (though, I frustratingly act like one sometimes). When words fall, letting me see their majesty and mystery, I sometimes move one step forward and two steps backward. To prefer their scenic view and majesty on the sideline; nothing but a mere audience. I try not to dwell, not to indulge. Scared of what might happen.

But frustrated as I am, I always end up interacting with those playful words. Even letting myself drown in the mystery enveloping them that are so welcoming. I try to fight but unrealistically enough, they still keep on pushing to live inside me. To brew that enchantment inside my mind and soul as if it is real. Alive…vivid.  



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